About Me

My name is Patty Clark and I live in Ohio. I have always been into arts, crafts, wood working, that type thing. I was a Morgan horse breeder, trainer, instructor etc for 40 years. When my family and I decided to get out of the horse business, this was the perfect way for me to stay in touch with horse friends and make new ones. 

What I do is, pick a Breyer model horse, Peter Stone Model Horse or Artist Resin horse and if need be, I will cut it and move its legs, head set, give it a new mane and tail, sculpt shoes on its feet and more. CHECK OUT the progress pictures of most of the pieces I have done.

I mostly do commission work, only offering a few sales pieces a year. I specialize in “portrait” models, meaning you send me pictures of the horse and I do my best to make the model look like the horse.

I also do decorator models as you will see when you check out the pictures. I have turned horses into a Giraffe, Peacock, Steam Punk, Sugar Skull, Nativity Scene, Easter Theme, Pegasus, Walking Dead and more. 

I also paint dogs and cats if I can find a model or resin that will work for your pet.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me about pricing out a model of your special hooved family member. I do have a waiting list, so don’t wait to get on it now!